How to Prevent UTI After Sex

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Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is an abomination. These vile bacterial creatures can turn a nymphomaniac woman into a hateful nun. Though less susceptible, men also can get UTI, but it is highly common in women due to their anatomy in the pelvic region. Because of this, this article is primarily targeted towards women. All that rubbing and dubbing and smacking and slapping on the urethral orifice is bound to cause a UTI at some point. The gloriously complex vagina has a short urethra, which means the bacterial demons have a shorter distance to travel to infect the bladder. Unfortunately, if the bacteria is present, sex can provide the opportunity for the bacteria to cause an infection. If you’re a woman that is afraid to have sex because nearly every time you do, you wake up with a UTI, you have our deepest sympathy.

Hopefully these natural preventative measures we're about to share will teach you how to prevent UTI after sex. Don't worry - we're not going to bore you with tales of drinking plenty of cranberry juice like those other sites. As you already know, you have to consult a medical professional for anything serious or for any concerning health conditions that you are not capable of solving. Hopefully, what we recommend here will rejuvenate your sex life by stopping those demon bastards from ruining your hot pocket. Millions of women want to know how to prevent UTI after sex, so don't feel that you're alone in this battle. This article aims to greatly minimize, if not eliminate, the cost of treating UTI after sex as well as give you your life back. It's finally time to tell you what your doctor won't or simply is unaware of.

Chances are you’ve never heard of D-Mannose Powder by KAL. This is a non-antibiotic supplement that we recommend. KAL recommends a daily dosage of two servings, we recommend taking a serving before and after sex. If before sex is too bothersome, at least take a full dosage after. The only people that should be taking daily dosages are those that get UTIs just by sneezing. The bacterium that climbs the urethra ultimately attaches themselves to D-Mannose. This basically keeps the bateria from conquering the mountain, so make sure you drink plenty of water to flush them out. It takes a powerful stream to push out the bateria. Medium streams may not be enough. Lubrication plays a big role as well. If the sugar walls aren't slippery enough, then the love motions can cause irritation which could provide an avenue for getting UTI after sex.

Yes – it’s not sexy to take this before or after sex, yet there are ways to lessen the unattractiveness of it. Simply wondering off to the kitchen or wherever your mate can’t see you helps to maintain the illusion. Even if they know what you’re doing, it doesn’t matter. Part of the unattractiveness is visually seeing the action take place. After all, no one does this in the movies or love novels. You don’t see porn stars taking preventative UTI supplements after getting pounded throughout a rented millionaire's house. Once the scene is done, they do all kind of shenanigans because you can’t see them.

OK, D-Mannose is good and all, but it's really a backup plan for what we think you should try first to prevent UTI after sex. There might be a good chance you don't even need supplements like D-Mannose. Perhaps the problem is with your man's hygiene. Relax - we're not saying that he's gross because we know you wouldn't be with him. We're saying he may seem clean down there, but he could be a little dirty without either of you being able to tell. If he commonly hand washes his pole and coin purse, bacteria living in that region can still cling on to cause your UTI after sex. Make sure he's using a wash cloth, with soap of course, and scrubs his pole, coin purse, mushroom cap, and especially his pubic region. Doing so exfoliates the skin, which greatly removes the bacteria that can cause your UTI after sex. You can't wash a car well without scrubbing it and the same goes for a man's body. This alone may work wonders for you. Since we're on a hygiene roll, have you ever smelled a putrefied odor coming from his love engine? Perhaps after the gym or a long day at work? This is a result of heat helping the bacterial breakdown of apocrine sweat around the scrotum or pubic region. Keeping pubic hairs cleanly shaven can greatly reduce this odor close to nothing. If you're the type that likes to pamper your man, then shave his love engine for him. Why do you think male porn stars keep their junk shaved? It's because it makes their junk look bigger, yet more importantly it keeps the odors away so their playmates can enjoy sucking them into oblivion.

If you are currently in pain, please go see a medical professional. If you're not able to quickly see a medical professional, stop by any grocery or convenient store to pick up something like AZO pills to help numb the pain. The D-Mannose Powder is a preventative supplement, so we cannot recommend it as a substitution for good old fashion antibiotics. If you are in pain and choose to use D-Mannose in place of antibiotics, then that’s on you. Please share this article with anyone you feel would benefit from it.

Thanks for reading How to Prevent UTI After Sex. If you and your mate are not registered with Sextract, please check us out. Our service helps keep the juices flowing in your relationship - consistently.

Prevent Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) with D-Mannose Powder by KAL
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