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The Only Automated Sex Scheduling Service

Our service cleverly notifies your mate when to seduce you for sex, yet also tells you when to return the favor. With Sextract, you'll be consistently having sex randomly on a weekly basis that feels ingeniously natural as it keeps track of your sexual activity. In a distracted world, relationships take a lot of work to maintain and you must be invested! You should never have to wait to feel the pleasures you truly desire. Let Sextract be your personal love doctor. Let's automate your love life today!


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Please be patient though... We plan to release the new brand this year. It will be a new name. A name that still gets the point across, but also more acceptable to mainstream advertisers.

We learned the hard way that any name with the word 'sex' in it scares the prudes that owns advertising agencies.

Go figure.

The new look and features will be well worth the wait! GET READY! We're coming! (no pun intended)

Why does it work?

It works beautifully well because it leverages what nature intended. Love is naturally pure, unconditional, and stress free. The problem is we live in a busy world where stress and distractions can tarnish our loving nature without realizing it.

If you love your mate, then you especially love having sex with them. Unfortunately, for many busy minded adults they often enter a bad cycle of not making time for sex. It's not that they don't want sex. They're simply stuck in a mental rut and don't know how to gracefully break free. Sextract aims to continuously block that bad cycle by cleverly notifying you both when to have sex. That's right! Sextract tells you when to have sex automatically without it feeling mechanical! The best part is that your mate learns how to satisfy your desires with no drama.

Simply allowing Sextract to do so breaks the cycle because whether you like it or not, everything in this world operates by a schedule. We've come up with a way to increase your sex life - drama free. The service notifies you a few days in advance on a weekly basis. If ever you want more sexual encounters, then you can simply schedule more. Couples that try to have a great sex life without Sextract fail. Do NOT be a statistic. Take back your sex life!

Privacy Guaranteed

The privacy of your data is guaranteed. We have taken extreme measures to protect all data within our boundaries. Sextract is so awesome that we personally use it as well for the prosperity of our own relationships. This means we care about the privacy of our data as much as you care about yours. Regardless of where our system is hosted, your data is protected with the highest level of encryption and then some. In other words, your data is your data and we do NOT get involved. In fact, your data is so well protected that even if someone attempted to copy your data, all they would see is complete garbage.

What's Inside?

You're getting our innovative sex scheduling service that's automated and feels completely natural. It schedules dates without you having to do anything. There are also four other valuable features all designed for couples to learn more about each other in order to strengthen their relationship. Anything else that we provide are pure bonuses as a member.

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Are you truly satisfied? Does it feel like something is missing in your relationship? That is because you both are out of sync. It's natural and bound to happen without some guidance. Welcome to your relationship profile feature. This is your chance to lay out all the things you want and need from your relationship. DO NOT HOLD BACK. Unshackle your mind and unlease your desires. You deserve to feel pleasure as often as possible, so go for it! Your mate may think they know how to please you, but do they really know? At some point, sure you may have experienced total bliss, yet on average do you still feel that way? Real life is a bitch and things will get off track because the human mind isn't perfect. They won't know if you don't tell them. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE.

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This is your mate's profile section. If you think you know your mate well enough, think again. Your mate's desires will change over time without you fully being aware. Couples, especially long-term couples, don't generally talk about these things because they feel they shouldn't have to. Yet when having the convenience to document their desires, it unshackles their mind. In this moment, they can be fully expressive versus trying to find the right words on the spot. Here you can learn their true desires and fantasies. You can even leave them suggestions and what you appreciate about them. The most popular feature of the profile are the Sex Stories. Every member can script out their ideal sex scenes or trysts. Be warned, whether you're reading or writing, you will become extremely horny.

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Without either of you having to do anything, Sextract automatically notifies you in advance when to have sex. The service chooses a random date every week. You can still send a sex date invitation whenever you want. The power is yours. We want you to have sex as much as possible and this feature helps you do just that. Also, Sextract automatically keeps track of whose turn it is to be the seducer in order to keep the peace. One person can't always be the initiator of sex. Taking turns is very important. This prevents couples from being too lazy when it comes to seducing each other. About every three to five days, you will receive a sex date notification. The message will appear to come from your mate, yet it's really our virtual sexologist. Your calendar, sex tracking at it's best, will show you all that was either planned, failed, succeeded, or spontaneous. This is the sexiest game you'll ever play!

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The contract isn't as scary as it sounds, yet keep in mind this is optional. This is just a contract between lovers. Think of it as a binding promise to keep your relationship satisfied. You can create a list of demands or requirments to agree upon. Once agreed, you are binded to uphold your contract. The fun part is that whoever breaks any agreement has to be punished. In Sextract, however, punishments are supposed to be pleasurable, so play nice. The word on the street is some purposely break the contract just so they can be punished. Govern yourselves accordingly...

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